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Only two people on my friends list still post to LJ, but anyways... I got marreid on the 13th

Got my Spine Tattoo finished

I got my tribal spinal tatoo finished up today. I am very happy with it. And just so you know, the tattoo really isn't crooked, my spine isn't the straightest.

I do recommend anyone around the Seattle/Tacoma area that is looking for tattoo work to see Jason Jacobson at Acme Tattoo Co. in Kent. There information is listed below.

Acme Tattoo Co.
1404 Central Ave. So.
Suite 107-B
Kent, WA 98032
253-850-ACME (2263)

Original Tattoo


It was my brithday this past weekend. The highlight wasn't the three birthday dinners, but the fact that I got engaged.

Low point was body damage to my new Kai Soul.

New Tattoo, Part 2

I got the rest of my new tribal spine tattoo filled in last night. The next step is to go over the existing wolf tattoo to blend it better in to the new work and to have the blacks match.

Favorite Jokers

I recently started playing Batman: Arkham Asylum which features an awesome version of The Joker voiced by Mark Hamill. It got me thinking about who has “played” The Joker and which ones are my favorite. My only question is, is he The Joker or just Joker?

Read the list - http://www.michaelschultz.net/blog/favorite-jokers

I submitted a story finally

The other day I finally submitted a piece of short fiction to a magazine in the hopes of being published. The lucky or unlucky, depending on how you look at, magazine is Fantasy and Science Fiction. I just have to wait about 8 weeks for the form letter rejection. I’m a pessimist, people. That way I only get news I was already expecting or good news. The story I sent was Super Hero vs. Evil Doer. I have spent quite a bit of time editing and getting the story to a good place. I got to a point where I realized I just needed to submitted somewhere or move on. So I submitted it. If they don’t like it then I will try a few more places, but it is hard to find print magazines that publish short stories these days. Now to start on a new story.

New Car

I bought a new car. My Focus was nickel and diming me to a slow painful death

New Tattoo

Yesterday I went and had the first session for my new tattoo done along my spine. This is what was done in two hours. I am hoping one more two hour session for the rest of the new tattoo to be completed and then one last session to go back over the existing back tattoo. The existing needs to be done so the blacks match since it is faded and the to blend it more into the new one.

Overall, it wasn’t so bad. For the most part, the same as the over tattoos I have gotten. There were a couple times that I was surprised I didn’t squirm when the artist was filling in right over the bone of my spine. At one point I could feel the vibrations of the needles throughout my rib cage. Not the most pleasant feeling.

I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of the back. I have thought out text like a verse or something. Or even expanding out from the tribal spine into tribal ribs that wrap around the front. Now that would be interesting.

When it rains...

It pours...

And then a bird shits on your head.

Lets do the quick run down of August so far and in order.

My laptop died
My desktop started its death throws
My GF's cell dies and even though I have cell insurance it will be $125 to get replaced
My GF's computer died
Can't renew my phone contract to get a cheaper new phone
My GF broke her toe (but its only a toe)
My car died (still waiting to hear back on its fate)
Found out I have a 6yr loan for my car and not 5yr
Found out since it is a 6yr loan, I still owe $5,300

This is all in the last 2 weeks.